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Praise for


Praise for

Tara Taylor

 My purpose is to inspire others to see their own true inner greatness and to show them how to access this at all times. By understanding the role of the internal dialogue with your intuition and ego, we live a life filled with more happiness, love and peace” ~ Tara Taylor

Praise and Appreciation for Tara

Tara is truly grateful to be of service and is deeply honored to share the insight and wisdom she has gained within her encounters. She is deeply humbled by the kind words that others share about their experiences with her.

I was first connected to Tara through a friend. I was having a hard time understanding a recent break-up, so I called hoping to instill some confidence and clarity. I had no idea at the time that our conversation would turn into so much more than that. I found myself immersed in the knowledge that a spiritual world exists where I have endless support, guidance and protection. I learned that saying goodbye to a loved that has crossed over is not really goodbye. I now know I am connected with them all of the time. After speaking with Tara, I now feel more comfortably seated in my own intuition- which has been the greatest introduction I’ve ever received. She truly has a gift that I cannot fully explain.

Brittany H.

Tara Taylor is a special spirit, she is aware of the awesome gift that enables her to see what the masses miss. Tara’s real talent is in teaching others to open their Inner Eye and begin seeing life as it really is. Read everything this beautiful lady writes.

Bob Proctor

Tara Taylor possesses an amazing light and energy, and fortunately she chooses to share her gift with those around her. She has guided me through difficult life decisions using her intuitiveness to provide me with clarity, strength and most importantly trust in the universe. I value her advice, which is always given in a caring but no nonsense way.  These discussions have allowed me to grow, prosper and achieve goals I only dreamed could exist. I feel very blessed to be in her circle and value her love and friendship beyond words.

Aimee Carpenter

Tara Taylor is a captivating writer, an inspiring mentor and an extraordinary being. In sharing her own story, she touches the hearts and minds of  many people around the world, her presence, an embodiment of the compassionate energy about which she so movingly writes.

David Michie

Tara has been a God-send. The year 2008 found me fearful and worried, lacking in boundaries and focus. With Tara’s counseling and support, I found my calm, confident centre. Our work together has revealed my own spiritual gifts and a sense of purpose that allow my business and family life to fall into place. I am now in the flow. Thank you, Tara! Thank you!

Tara is a true angel born in this life to guide and serve others. Her intuition and insight into the lives of those who ask for her help are simply amazing, and life transforming. Tara came to my life at a time when me and many of my friends and loved ones needed guidance and direction to move to the next level in our professional lives and personal lives. She has transformed us all in many different ways and most importantly, her insight has empowered us with a increased ability to make the right decisions for ourselves. Meeting Tara was a true gift from God and I will continue to seek her guidance in my lifelong commitment to happiness, success, fulfillment and service of others.

I am so very grateful to have found Tara and for the compassionate and comforting guidance she has provided me over the past few years. She has a fantastic gift as an Intuitive Counsellor which she uses with integrity, professionalism and in the most positive way – doing so to support and help others. There have been many times I have reached out to Tara when I have felt completely lost, helpless and sad and after a session have felt more in control of my destiny and most importantly hopeful. The thought provoking knowledge and insight she shares – helps you to better understand yourself, situations and also challenges you to see yourself and things around you differently. Ultimately it’s up to you – to determine and take the next step. But – one of the greatest gifts Tara imparts is the belief that you can make a positive difference in your life.

Tara has changed my life. Before I met Tara, I had heard many wonderful and amazing stories from friends who had been to her but I was sceptical. I was confused about what I believed and was fearful of many things in the world including death. I knew that I believed in a higher being, but I had many painful experiences with death, as well as my own health scare so I was uplifted and amazed when I had my first meeting with her. I was amazed at how well she knew me. She made me feel very comfortable with my fears and presented such a positive and radiant way of looking at my life. She introduced me to many texts and readings that assisted me in understanding and connecting with my divine team and she has guided me in ways of recognizing and listening to my intuition when making decisions. I am now more relaxed, I feel healthier and am taking better care of myself and my family. I have a new awareness of myself and the people around me. I feel like I have direction in my life. I have brought back the people and the things that are important to me because of Tara and each time I see her, she continues to inspire me with her positive words. Each time I meet someone who has seen Tara, they speak in words of excitement, amazement and true happiness. I have also referred many of my friends to her. Most importantly, Tara believes in you and your ability to be successful and happy in your life. She is an angel on earth and I am so thankful to have met her and have her in mine.

We talked by chance….except I now believe that it was meant to be. Tara is truly amazing and I am in awe of her intuitive and counseling abilities that have allowed me to shine my light in this world again. From a turbulent place in my life’s journey Tara has taken me to a place of understanding, of peace and spirituality. It is incredible, almost unbelievable what has happened since our first discussion and counseling session. Friends and family are in awe and ask me what has happened because they see the huge changes that have occurred in me and my journey in overcoming the many challenges I faced. It confirms what I already knew, that I have truly found someone who has successfully guided and supported me on my souls journey. Tara has guided me through my rough journey with respect, compassion, a gentle nudge and her amazing intuitive abilities to allow me to have faith again, to love life, and most of all to shine my light in this world everyday. For this I owe her such immense gratitude for helping me on my journey and that I may continue to serve others.

Tara is a special soul who always spreads positive energy. Her intuitive insight has definitely guided me in my professional life to be become a better writer and, more importantly, a better person. There is no doubt in my mind that the book she has collectively written with her divine team will reach out and touch the lives of millions, positively shifting the energy in our universe.

Tara jammed a ton of info into a short interview! I was impressed with how prepared she was.”

Tara is a high energy guest—she captivates people when she talks about ego. I loved having her on and look forward to having her back again soon.

Tara is such a gift in my life—for many reasons. Tara has been influential and instrumental in guiding me to easily make some of the most important business decisions that I have ever had to make. As a result of consulting with this extraordinarily talented lady, I have realized some of the most profitable business ventures of my career. I’m in awe of her gifts.

“Tara is a very bright light who beams love, warmth and guidance to all those fortunate enough to find her.”


For the times I have felt lost, unsure, scared or when I just needed that reminder that everything is as it should be, you’ve been there to offer that guidance and reassurance. Your gift has made a real difference in my life and for that I’m very grateful.

As an entrepreneur and coach, sometimes you need help in finding your own purpose and direction. I have found my crystal ball with my intuitive coach, Tara Taylor. She has given me one full, jam pack hour of crystal clear guidance and wisdom that I read every day. I plan to work with Tara on a monthly basis to keep my clarity, my focus and my purpose aligned. Since her session, I have found that I can run my two main business with more ease and pleaser! That is a big one for me!

Tara’s guidance has changed my life and the lives of my loved ones in a profound way. The gift she has shared has allowed us to take a glimpse of truth, which has opened the doors to a truly spiritual and loving path. The clarity, comfort and insight gained from this experience have been immeasurable and invaluable.

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